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Time Flower in the iOS App Store

Time Flower is an extremely simple time registration app. It is being developed within a law firm and brings time tracking back to the basics. Time Flower focuses on speed and ease of use. It makes it very easy to create a timesheet and share it as a PDF.
Time Flower is specifically aimed at professionals who don’t use expensive or complicated software for their project and time registration. It’s an alternative for hand written notes, spreadsheets or not tracking time at all.
Time Flower logging
Log time quick and easy. Just select a project, select a task and tap the minutes you have spent on this task! Add an additional note if you want to.


Easily start a timer by holding the center button. If your device supports 3D Touch you can also firmly press it. After stopping the timer, the passed time will be rounded to your preferences.


Create a detailed report for one or multiple projects. It is also possible to specify the period. The information can easily be sorted however you want.


Every report is also available as a PDF file. Just press the button and it is ready to be shared or printed.


Time Flower makes it easy to archive no longer used projects. This keeps your list of projects nice and clean. Archived projects can always be restored if you need to work in the project again.